Useful Forms


Change of Address Notification

International students who hold a Student Visa must update your details and address within seven days of any changes and confirm with college at least every 6 months

Should you wish to defer, suspend, cancel or extend your course, please contact the College to discuss.

Cancellation Request

Deferment Request

Contact the college for more information on

  • RPL Kit
  • Credit Transfer Kit 

Incident and Hazard Report
Critical Incident Report

Critical incidents are not limited to, but could include:

  • missing students
  • severe verbal or psychological aggression
  • death, serious injury or any threat of these
  • natural disaster
  • issues such as domestic violence, sexual assault, drug or alcohol abuse
  • any non-life threatening event that could still qualify as a critical incident

If any of these occur contact Student Services, your Welfare Officer or Reception immediately.

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