Agents’ Pre-requisites

Education agents who provide education consulting services, advice and assistance to overseas students wishing to study at Spencer College, must register as a Spencer College Education Agent.

Before making an application you should access and read the following information:


Agent Application Procedure

If you decide to become a Spencer College Education Agent, you will have to:

  • Complete the Registration Form, on our website.
  • Provide the contact details of three (3) academic referees
  • Provide official Agent Certificates from other education providers
  • Provide proof of business registration from your country
  • Provide proof of any academic qualifications or professional recognition you have

All the above information MUST be in English or translated into English from a notary office in your country.

Please send the certified copies only as the application documents cannot be returned from this office.

Spencer College recommends that you keep a copy of your application in your files.

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